The focus of the company was and is to provide professional, flexible and cost effective solutions tailored to clients’ requirements.
We offers a wide range of maritime consultancy to all sectors of the maritime industry.
We have a team with a substantial experience from various positions, both onshore and offshore, within the maritime industry.Our goal is to provide premium quality services within maritime consultancy, therefore our team see the power to adapt to a changing environment as a key to providing tailor made solutions for our Clients.


All aspects of general marine surveying are undertaken by us. Magnate undertakes loss prevention surveys on behalf of a variety of clients including Owners, Charterers, Shippers, P&I clubs and Underwriters.

  • Pre-entry condition and routine condition surveys
  • Hatch-cover condition (ultrasonic)
  • Pre-purchase surveys of second-hand tonnage
  • Pre-charter surveys
  • Post-charter surveys
  • On-hire and off-hire
  • Draught Surveys
  • Bunker surveys
  • Hold condition surveys
  • Surveys of fixed and floating objects



We are frequently engaged in Audits of ships, systems and Owners/Operators Offices. Magnate can provide an independent overview of how a particular ship or shipowner is performing set against a recognized standard. We are regularly involved with fleet-wide navigation audits on behalf of large container-ship, tanker, and bulk carrier Owners on a regular basis. We provide feed-back to both the Master and the Operators and the overwhelming feedback has been very positive:

  • Navigational Audits,
  • ISM Audits,
  • Human Element Audits and 3rd Party suitability audits
  • SIRE based 3rd party / independent vessel inspections
  • Pre SIRE inspections and best practice training
  • Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA) auditing and system review
  • Navigation Risk Assessments for terminal and offshore construction project
  • Shipyard Audits
Surveys can be performed to the client’s own specification and where required, reported in the client’s own pro-forma survey report format.

What We Offer

Our Skill Set

We undertake Navigational audits, bridge assessments, Internal ISM / ISPS Audits, Training / Pre-vetting Inspections, Pre-purchase Assignments, Dry-dock attendance and on-board training as per company specific guidelines.

Since its inception, we have been focused on providing reliable and quality loss-control services to the shipping and oil / chemical industries, attuned to our clients’ specific needs.

We work according to our clients’ needs by obtaining comprehensive details about the assignment and subsequently upholding the highest of standards through our work with reliability and efficiency from start to finish

Loss Control Specialists

Serving as the eyes and ears of Trading Operations personnel of Trading Houses, Ensuring Compliance.

Port Captaincy Services

Commitment to ensure accurate assessments and precise measurements of cargo.

Marine Claims Investigation

Claims Investigations on behalf of shipowners, vessel charterers, major oil companies, traders..

Our Clients

Ship Owners, Charterers, P&I Clubs, Ship Operators, P&I Corespondents & Traders

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