Magnate Maritime delivers a comprehensive range of
customized marine expediting services which
can be tailored to meet your requirements,
whatever the nature of your business and
wherever you operate


We understand the critical nature of loading and discharging liquid hydrocarbon cargoes.
We act as their representatives and are thus expected to react to any events, which may
impact the client’s business, on the vessels we attend.


• 100% attendance during load, discharge or STS operation
• ‘Squeeze dry’ discharge operations, effective C.O.W. plan, and monitoring,
   particularly of heated or waxy nature cargoes
• Multi point ROB/OBQ assessment
• Real time communication with clients
• Protection and principal’s commercial awareness/interest
• Analytical witnessing
• Minimizing demurrage costs
• Cargo plan assessment and recommendations for optimum efficiency
• Oversight of cargo document accuracy
• Detailed and unbiased report of events
• Loss investigation


Used as a cost savings tool it encompasses the planned and controlled reduction in cargo losses caused by
various factors associated with the movement of crude and oil products.

1. Ascertain the load/discharge quantities
Petroleum liquid cargoes are of high value and it is imperative that ship/shore figures are reconciled.
As your loss control representative, we are there to make sure your interests are protected.
We lead the investigation into reconciling or explaining any discrepancies.

2. Ascertain the quality of the cargo.
Sampling is a very delicate operation. We are there to ensure that the proper procedures
are accurately followed by the independent inspector.

3. Tank inspection.
Onboard the vessel we verify that the cargo containment meets the specs of the charter party
to ensure that there is no cargo contamination. Ashore we verify that the cargo is directed into a suitable shore tank and
if co-mingled with a product already in the tank, that the product in the tank is within specifications.

4. Reporting – creating a paper trail.
We document every detail of the operation for your records to ensure that any
challenge or claim that arises is easily defended

Our Loss Control Services are tailored
to your company’s requirements,
priorities and objectives.

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