We Assist Tanker Operators with …

Discolouration. CBFS to Molasses or Veg. Oil etc.
Preparation and assessment of the required tank cleaning
Tank Cleaning Advice and Recommended Tank Cleaning Procedure
Delivery of chemical injection and special spraying equipment
Supervision during the cleaning At Sea by experienced Supervisors
Delivery of well known Marine Tank Cleaning Chemicals from stocks world wide
Chemical Tank Cleaning during cargo change over from DPP to various CPP, removal of MTBE residues, Inert Gas Soot, Dye

Minimal Turnaround Time and Optimal Flexibility is our Main Focus

We Understand the complexities involved with chemical tanker operations

We understand the critical nature of loading and discharging chemical cargoes.
We act as their representatives and are thus expected to react to any events, which may
impact the client’s business, on the vessels we attend.
chemical tanker Operations -Tank Cleaning Operations

We intend to provide our customers with the best service experience from beginning to end.
We believe in the use of only fully qualified consultants
We will play an integral role in problem-solving, implementation, and knowledge building
We will build enduring, trust-based relationships
We promise to deliver results that will exceed expectation

Magnate Maritime is committed to complying with their customer’s requirements


100% attendance during load, discharge or tank cleaning operations
Tank readiness for loading fine chemical cargoes
Tank cleaning from veg Oil to Chemicals
Real time communication with clients
Protection and principal’s commercial awareness/interest
Analytical witnessing
Minimizing delays & demurrage costs
Cargo plan assessment and recommendation for optimum efficiency
Oversight of cargo document accuracy
Detailed and unbiased report of events
Loss investigation

We will build enduring, trust-based relationships
We promise to deliver results that will exceed expectation

Safe Guarding Your Interest!


Used as a cost savings tool it encompasses the planned and controlled reduction of vessel turn around time
various factors associated with the movement of chemical and veg oil products.
1. AscertainTank Cleaning Operations efficiency and Load readiness
We work with the on board team sharing our 20 years of experience dealing with various grades of chemical cargoes
Develop tank cleaning plan and execution to save time and efforts, presenting Clean and dry tank at load port within
stipulated time to avoid delays
2. Ascertain the quality of the cargo.
Sampling is a very delicate operation. We are there to ensure that the proper procedures
are accurately followed by the independent inspector.
3. Tank inspection.
Onboard the vessel we verify that the cargo containment meets the specs of the charter party
to ensure that there is no cargo contamination. Ashore we verify that the cargo is directed into a suitable shore tank and
if co-mingled with a product already in the tank, that the product in the tank is within specifications.
4. Reporting – creating a paper trail.
We document every detail of the operation for your records to ensure that any
challenge or claim that arises is easily defended

Our Loss Control Services are tailored to your company’s requirements, priorities and objectives.