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Our Expertise


Tank Cleaning Superintending / Consultation

We take pride in ourselves with having proven track records with First Class Operators in ensuring safe, prompt and economical cleaning of cargo tanks on Chemical and Oil tankers.

This involved cleaning of stainless steel and coated tanks in changing over from difficult cargoes such as lube Oils, PFAD, Palm Stearin, etc to wall wash standard cargoes of Methanol, MEG, endeavoring DEG etc. The changeover has been successfully carried out in the passage from WCI ports to the Persian (Arabian) Gulf Loading ports. We put our experience to endeavoring to reduce the tank cleaning time to a minimum thus benefiting the operators directly.

We use the opportunity of this on-board superintending to train the ship’s crew in the finer aspects of tank cleaning of cargo tanks on oil/chemical tankers.

We are the stockist of various tank cleaning chemicals and wall wash equipment’s in Indian Ports, details of which are available upon inquiry.

Operational Consultancy of Chemical Tankers

Recent developments have seen new entrants into the Chemical Trade, who have wide experience in the Oil trade but need guidance in bridging the gap which exists in operating Oil & Chemical Tankers.
We have successfully assisted several owners/operators in setting up their Chemical tanker operations cell. This included the following activities: Introducing/Raising awareness of the shore staff in the regulations concerning chemical tanker trade(IBC Code, Chemical Tanker Safety Guide, USCG FOSFA Regulations).
Training the shore staff in preparing/analyzing the cargo stowage plans.
Advising on requirements of various chemicals at time of fixing the cargoes
Day to day operations of chemical tankers
Guidance on tank cleaning requirements

Magnate Maritime (MagMar) is aiming to be a preferred partner to Technical Managers / Tanker Operators and provide counseling services for the Tanker Industry with the main focus on vessel performance in Product and Chemical Tankers, i.e. conducting safety briefs On board training and company & vessel audits according to industry standards.

Superintendency / Port Captaincy
Preparation for port state control inspection.
Crew and Technical Management.
Class records Inspection.
ISM Audit
Pre-vetting Inspection for Tankers